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Information for Auditions 

Auditions for the Song Masterclass will take place in London on Sunday, 4 November 2018 at the Music Studios. There will be a warm up room available. 

The only criteria that the applicants must meet is that they have been out of education for a minimum of three years. We encourage people to apply as duos if possible. The masterclasses are not open to students. There is no upper age limit. Those unable to attend are welcome to send audio files, however, priority is given to live auditions.

After you have secured your audition slot, please come to the audition prepared with a song in English, a song in German, and a song in French. 

Please ensure you have all the music required, please give it to your pianist in good time to allow them to prepare & please remember to bring it with you. Please bring a copy for Malcolm if you are in any doubt that he may not know it.

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