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French Opera Masterclass with Audrey Saint Gil, Jennifer Ringo & Malcolm Martineau 

Saturday 11 - Saturday 18  February 2017

Opera Course

Advanced and Professional (3+ years experience)

Programme: advanced vocal exercises and techniques using French text to improve breathing support and awareness of the French language; coaching sessions in any French repertoire (from 16th to 20th century) with full range vocal range and advanced technique and ornamentations; guided listening of sung French in the greatest opera recordings; the effective singer-accompanist relationship.

French Opera Course

For singers:
• Learn new straightforward diction techniques that will quickly improve your sung French
• Benefit from individual coaching to prepare two pieces of French repertoire of your choice
• Understand how to achieve good legato and acoustic quality in French

For accompanists/répétiteurs:
• Experience the most productive way to coach singers in French repertoire
• Learn how to breathe with the singer through effective comprehension of French text structure

Notes from Shirley Brice Keeble about participating

Masterclass Participants 2017

French Opera Masterclass Notes

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